“Before you start pointing fingers,

Make sure your hands are clean.”

                                        – Bob Marley

Bob Marley

In business, as in life, one must always be vigilant and cautious of those who would be unethical or unscrupulous.  No matter what the industry may be, the reputation of a company is everything.  There are endless droves of those who would seek to do harm to others to their own benefit, and if left to their own devices, they can be a detrimental and destructive force.

Recently, it has been reported by NBC that a company by the name of has been scamming business owners.  They will post a complaint about “Company X” from an unverified source to their site.  They then email “Company X” stating that a negative review has been posted about them, but for the low low price of just $499.99 per month, can have the negative review removed.  Put in the simplest terms, this is pure and simple extortion.

Business owners have few options in this instance, as the internet is largely unregulated when it comes to this unethical business practice.  When it comes to, however, all one needs to do is the most basic research to discover that they themselves are scam artists.

Need proof?  Have a look at the following links…

BBB gives an ‘F’ rating

NBC reports on extortion

Wiki.Answers lists as a scam itself

When a business finds itself in a situation where they are being accused of wrongdoing, rather than submit to the demands of the thuggish tactics of the immoral, fight back!  Through due diligence, you can uncover the truth and use that truth to your advantage.  That’s the beautiful thing about the internet – you can retaliate in kind when attacked, and, in doing so, expose the fraudulent practices of companies such as for all the world to see.

If you’ve had a similar experience, or if you know of any other ways to defend your reputation, please leave a comment below.  Let’s start a conversation here and pool resources as to how to defeat those who are out to do harm!


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